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Park is located in Hefei Yaohai (No. 593 Changjiang Road, Hefei), north of Yangtze River Road, 3 km from the city center, 2 km from the Hefei New Railway Station, 14 km west of Hefei-Nanjing Expressway, one between Hefei the middle ring and second ring, the traffic is very convenient. Park in the July 1, 1994 the official opening. Existing area of 165 acres, 20 acres of water surface. Total 26 000 existing types of trees, lawns 21,800 square ...[Detail]

Feidong Lake is located in the territory of Daishan, Daishan Lake was originally built after the liberation of a reservoir of local villagers, due to far from town, surrounded by all the village fields, has not been any pollution. Cruise Guide: Visitors boarded the yacht, the first section into the lower reaches of the West Lake. This mountain backwater turn and changeable. Water in a bay with water Wanting triple bypass. Southwest of the lake ...[Detail]

The element of an international golf club as the center of Sheung Fung Lake Resort, located in the Changfeng County double Dunzhen territory. Hong Kong dollars a wholly-owned institutions, covers an area of 2000 mu. Sheung Fung Lake Resort area green grass, blue waves, vegetation rich. Anhui element of an international golf course is located in the south of Lake Sheung Fung, numerous golf course within the water distribution, water and sky ...[Detail]

Big Shushan about 10 km from the city center area of 8500 acres, 284 meters above sea level, is only a mountain suburb of Hefei. Department of Large Shushan big hill Mountains, mountain southeast to the northwest low, oval-shaped, formed by a volcanic eruption. Ancient volcanic cone should the volcano waterfall, rocks, volcanic neck since the volcano remains intact. Kong Fu because not even the big Shushan is just one of a lonely mountain, so ...[Detail]