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Two tourism projects with over 10 billion investment are launched in Shanghai Jinshan LEGO Park, striving to start construction within this year

Date: 2021-05-22

During the 14th Five Year Plan period, two tourism projects with an investment of over 10 billion yuan were in Jinshan District. At the recent Jinshan District Tourism Development Conference, Jinshan District's special plan for cultural tourism development in the 14th five year plan was officially announced, which will focus on building a Jinshan District Culture and tourism brand, Jinshan picturesque; Focus on the construction of two cultural tourism peak projects, namely LEGO Theme Park Resort and Binhai International Cultural Tourism Resort.

The new tourism blueprint of Jinshan District during the "14th five year plan" period also includes: comprehensively building the "3" tourism development axis, namely the folk culture axis of ancient towns in the north, the cultural and ecological axis of rural areas in the middle, and the marine culture and business axis in the south; Focusing on the "four" country ecological parks, namely Langxia country park, Caojing country park, Lvxiang fruit country ecological park and Zhujing Huahai fragrant country ecological park, through the development of tourism resources and the excavation of cultural connotation, all kinds of cultural and tourism characteristics of Jinshan land are fully demonstrated, forming a red revolutionary culture, green ecological culture, blue ocean culture, golden folk culture, green ecological culture, green ecological culture, green ecological culture, green ecological culture, green ecological culture, green ecological culture, green ecological culture, green ecological culture, green ecological culture, green ecological culture, green ecological culture, green ecological culture, green ecological culture Colorful industrial culture is the new picture of "colorful" global tourism.

According to the plan, it will be located in the LEGO theme park resort of Fengjing town in the north of Jinshan District, including LEGO theme park and surrounding areas. Among them, Lego Park project integrates Lego building block theme elements and Chinese culture, creates immersive parent-child interaction experience, and creates facilities equipped with LEGO theme hotel. LEGO Park radiates around Fengjing Xingta, Zhujing and other areas, develops and utilizes multiple spaces to develop rural eco-tourism, constructs youth intellectual industry, cultural and art industry and cultural and Technological Creative Industry, and creates a theme park tourism resort integrating education, entertainment, tourism, commerce and other functions. At present, Lego Park project is preparing for the construction in an orderly manner, striving to start within this year.

Jinshan Binhai International Cultural Tourism Resort, which is located in the southern coastal area of Jinshan District, takes the construction of national tourism resort as the goal, combines the development of Binhai area, the development around Jinshanwei railway station and the construction of Binhai Convention and Exhibition Center and Binhai cultural entertainment center in reclamation area, fully absorbs social capital to build international quality hotels, low-density resorts, tourist attractions and tourist attractions Large commercial theater, art center and other coastal cultural tourism space to meet the needs of both foreign tourists and local residents.