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OYO behind the hotel finance: mysterious forces 'growth' into offline traffic

Date: 2018-10-01

OYO new hotel chain brand hotel, announced by the OYO hotel has in nearly 200 cities in late September, 1800, hotels, has more than 87000 rooms, this rapid growth has raised eyebrows in the industry.

OYO on September 25th, meanwhile, the hotel also announced a new round of financing, the current OYO hotel won a $600 million investment in China, as China's hotel industry in the history of the largest single financing private financing.This round of funding by softbank (SBIA) led, the speed of light Capital (Lightspeed Venture Partners), Sequoia Capital (Sequoia) and Greenoaks Capital. And other international well-known investment institutions to participate in the investment.
Aimed at the hotel into the guest "offline growth plans"

No one from the shelf to the convenience store, horse fresh to Luckin coffee from the case in recent years, offline scene has become the battleground.The reporter understands, OYO hotel revenue management performance is very bright eye, according to the current master a set of data, have joined before OYO average hotel occupancy rate of only 26%, while joining two months later, the average occupancy rate increased to 67%, among which, 72% of the orders from offline to enter.Nearly OYO hotel source told reporters that OYO hotel internal formed a mysterious forces "growth", dedicated to "into" a guest's hotel line of all kinds of "incurable diseases", enter or offline order for OYO hotel.

To unravel the mysterious veil of the "growth forces", the reporter interviewed the vice President and director of operations will dominate OYO hotel, he confessed, OYO hotel since this may begin to implement "offline growth plan", at the same time quickly formed a proficient hotel offline revenue management forces "growth", named internal "O clan", they rise through the user experience, market structure optimization, a community marketing means, such as precision raise its OYO hotel offline won a ability.

Han feng, after two months of operation, the "team" O surrendered satisfactory report card - in pilot cities OYO average hotel occupancy rate, from 26% before joining growth to 67%, among which, 72% of the orders from offline to enter.

O team: "traveling incognito" investigation details optimization of lived experience is the first step

Han feng told reporters that "O clan" is an important task "traveling incognito," they will in a day tour shop found in the process of hotel management in detail, such as poor hotel periphery environment cleanliness, appearance is not neat, etc., can be improved with the fastest speed.

New signing OYO ink southern hunan hotel owner had lady tells a reporter, her hotel is located in chenzhou, hunan province, location is not very good, is outside the streets, and the traveler often with will be discarded garbage on the side of the road, affect the appearance of aesthetic and cleanliness.But before joining OYO hotel, she often ignore these details.

After joining OYO hotel, in addition to the hotel brand, store signs, guest room, etc for the brand upgrade, even outside stores also have the specialist is responsible for the daily patrol, appearance beautiful degree, cleanliness of nature.Through this a series of targeted improvement measures, the hotel quality has improved.Ms later learned that the original OYO the hotel also has a "O clan" in silence for his services.

Ms once said, the hotel quality upgrade brings customers "voting with your feet", there are more and more customers initiative to introduce repeat customers, into the guest is also more and more, the average hotel occupancy rate from joining former 49% to more than 75%, the holidays such as peak season is full even sold out.

Many means tuning hotels to offline revenue management

Professional access to the revenue management system, the trend of The Times is running the hotel.Han feng told reporters that "O clan" from the tour group orders at present, enterprise business orders, member three aspects such as system construction, optimizing the OYO hotel chain's market structure and income level.

"O clan" in terms of customers to obtain stable line work, according to the "team" O there are specialist is responsible for the tour group and enterprise business class room reservation.Don't look down on the job, for hundreds of thousands of stores in the sight of how to allocate rooms and precise guests, it is a very system engineering, the factors should be considered very much.Tour order is usually fixed, for example, in quantity to do it in advance, but business orders, randomness is relatively large, so the hotel rooms and offline customers dynamic tuning is particularly critical.

Han feng told reporters that after "O clan" operations management, OYO hotel business order rate increased significantly, in xining, linfen, shijiazhuang and other cities, OYO hotel business bookings rose more than 20%.

In addition, "O clan" in a short span of less than a month of time, build up the OYO hotel membership system, provide convenient service for its guests, integral exchange, late check-out and other personal rights and interests, thus promote offline customers check in.At present, there are 72% of the orders at OYO hotel from offline to enter the guest, and a large part of the user of this member has been transformed into OYO hotel.

A community marketing precision drive offline new guests

A good soldier of han feng said, "O clan" versatile strength is the operation of the hotel, almost operations, sales and marketing competence, and they play in the field of offline marketing growth is new.And other established hotel group marketing gimmick, "O team" will be at the heart of the hotel in the community customers accurate analysis, so as to provide them with better products and services.

Obviously, the hotel's position is different, its core customers is different.Generally speaking, in the business circle and the scenic area near the hotel will be given priority to with tourists;And near the factory or business district (CBD), it will be in the majority with travel or business people in the business travel.Therefore, in the choice of marketing channels and marketing methods, are specific to analysis.

Shenzhen OYO garden hotel is located in shenzhen futian district, is 40 km from shenzhen airport, but due to close to the guangshen highway, heading to the airport traffic more convenient, so "O team" in the process of line source management, targeted to match more business people.